Top 10 Online Job Search Tips

1. If you build it, they can come
2. Check yourself to make sure you haven't wrecked yourself.
3. Narrow your options.
4. Go directly to the source.
5. Find your niche with industry Web sites.
6. Try online recruiters.
7. Utilize video resumes.
8. Run queries.
9. Utilize job alerts.
10. Get connected.

This is a really excellent top ten tips. There are good recommendations that a lot of people out there will need. I think that working online job boards for yourself is the way to go. This would be the secret to the success to find a job in today's challenging market is how well you have networked with others during your entire life. And networking is not asking other people for info about opportunities. It's staying connected with everyone you ever knew and asking for advice. That's the operational word, advice you offer info from articles you've read. Then others will offer you info when you need it..The Internet actually can be a great resource for job seekers, just need to know how to use it

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