Job Interview.

Questions and Answer from the video job interview

1. What happens during a "job interview"?
During a job interview every applicants needs to be prepare to any circumstance could happen during the interview, sometimes it’s a few minutes of a small talk, chatting and then getting to the point of the interview, which is what is your background, education experience, how can you benefices to be in the company, and then a period of time for a candidate to answer question, that’s the typical interview but it’s not always the cases. Sometime you maybe been surprise when you think you’re going to been interview by one person and it’s a group of person and it more how can you handle this particular type of situation. People have to be prepare to the different kind of scenarios can appear in a job interview.

2.What should I wear for my job interview?
Always wear very professional for every interview, for man you should wear a suit and tie and for woman a skirt, a business suit. You can never go overdresses on a interview, make sure that your clothes are clean your shoes are in a good shape, don’t wear to much jewelry, if you are woman don’t wear to much make up, make sure that your hair is well done. You have to look simple, sophisticate and professional.

3.What are the key do's and don'ts for a great interview?
The first thing you have to do to make a great impression in a interview is to make eye contact, smile a lot during the interview thats make a big difference and give a great handshake to your interviewer, show enthusiasm, also wait until finish the question for start to speaking, use a positive body language and ask for the job at the end.

4.How do I handle an interview in a restaurant or cafe?
Have a interview in a restaurant or cafe can be very tricky, make sure to know your dinning etiquette, also remember that restaurant and cafe can be noise and distractive so maintain eye contact with the interviewer and not been distractive by what is going around you, and also speak at an audible level.

5.What do I do when more than one person is interviewing me?
Is important to adapt your communication styles to both individual, remember that male are more directly and woman prefer more stories and discussed more feeling, so remember that when you’re going to answer every question. Make sure that everyone is included in the interview.

6.How can I rescue an interview that I know is going poorly?
The best to do is take a couple of step back, ask interviewer for directives, revive your energy. Ask for the interviewer what can you do, what are the recommendation to make a contribution for the best of the company and them left that then take the leader for a few minutes and regroup the ideas.

8.What are good tips for a telephone interview?
Telephone interview can be tricky because you don’t see facial expression or body language, so the best thing to do is express high energy, used a lot of inflexion in your voice because is all that you have to make a great impression. Have your resume and the job posting with you so you can refer to them during the interview

9.Can a potential employer ask me to take a lie detector test?
Lie detector test are ilegal 99.99% of the time, the only time that a potential employer can ask to used if is your going to apply for some kind of government job or high security position other ways they are not legal.

10.What are illegal questions that an employer should not ask me?
Employer can no ask any question related with family status, cultures, gender, anything like that.

11.How do I handle the end of the interview?
The end of the interview is when you have the opportunity to shine and the best way is when employer ask if they have any kind of question for them? Always at the end the interview asks if you have the job.

12.What do I do if an employer doesn't call me back after an interview?
If an employer doesn't call you back after an interview don’t be shy and call them, the maybe busy, out of town, interviewer other people, don’t wait.

Is important to send a handwritten thank you note to everyone you met at the company, including the receptionist.

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