About me.

January 2010 ...

Welcome to my blog, this is a new experience for me because I’m not so good with words and html codes so I prefer read bloggers than do it. When I started to edit my blog I thought that it is an interesting and different way to do homework and improve the English, and I have more time to organize ideas that I want to express and share :)

Well about me, my name is Silvia, I don’t have nickname just Silvia. I’m from Maracaibo. I live in an apartment with my mom (I love her ♥), I’m an only daughter. I’m nineteen years old and I’m in the 6to trimester studying Industrial Engineering at URBE.

I love music, dance and also sing in the bathroom. My favorite color is GREEN. One of the most thing that I Love to do its watch TV, I can spend all the day in front of the TV watching movies, cartoons, talk shows, gossip shows… I just love watch tv <3 . I like read too, my favorite book is Shanghai Baby, at this moment I’m reading a book called “Escuela de Frikis”. I like travel with my friends, specially to the beach, I love the sun. I don’t have a lot of favorite things because I love the excited and the constant changes, I get bored easily.
I have a lovely relationship with a boy, we look into our heart and we found love. ♥♥♥ ...but sometimes i can't stand with him :)

I don’t like to wash dishes, horror movies, animals, the cold, ketchup, go to the gym, something that I really don’t like are SPORTS and pink color.

One of my dreams is to graduate from Engineering school and work as a successful engineer making a lot of money and start to buy and invert for my own stuffs without depend of anyone. I would like to learn about different cultures traveling around the world. I also want to get married, start a family and share the greatest moment of the life with them and my mom.

English helps to communicate with anyone in the world since it is an international language. I like to listen music, watch TV and movies in English, it’s an easy and good exercise to practice it. For me it’s easier write and read (I need to practice more) than speak, I’d like to improve it.

With this blog I’d like to keep learning how important and necessary is English for any job as an future engineer.

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