introducing friends.

I'm going to introduce two of my friends :)

Her name is Andrea Romero, she’s from Maracaibo, and she studies Business Administration at LUZ; right now she’s taking the sixth semester. She’s 20 years old and lives in Lago Mar Beach.

She likes partying, she likes to travel and meet new people, learn about the culture of the city or the country she visits.

She loves watching movies, she can go for hours straight and not get tired of watching them. Her favorite actress is Julia Robert, and her favorite movie is Jeux d'enfants .She also loves the beach and dolphins. She enjoys talking with me and have a sincere conversation about anything that bothers her.

She doesn’t like to do chores of her house. She hates liars, people who brag all the time and injustice. She can’t stand stupid people.

Her dream is to travel around the world as much as she can. Her main country to visit is France because she loves the language and the culture. She wants to be a successful administrator.

She thinks English is a language necessary to learn to speak and write. In her opinion is a language pretty simple compare to others.

Her name is Andrea Marquez, She’s from Maracaibo, Venezuela. She’s studying Graphic Design at Luz. She’s 20 years old. She lives in an apartment with her mother. She has a dog called Tokyo who’s always in a bad mood.

She likes to paint cartoons of her friends, she made one like me. She can spend hours in front the computer designing or sleeping, she also likes exercising every day. She likes wine and eat sushi.

She really loves be with her boyfriend Carlos, they have a lot of time together almost 6 years, she also enjoys spending good moments with her friends.

She can’t stand not being able to user her time as productively as she can. She hates when her computer doesn’t start properly. She doesn’t like empty people who don’t have goals.

Her dreams is been Recognized designer. She wants to make shortanimations and illustrate stories for children.

She thinks English is the universal language. In her opinion is essential to speak fluently English for her it would open many doors professionally. She guesses the English with good Latin pronunciation is very sexy

If you want to enjoy her animation, you can visit :

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